• 27-10-2014
    Children's Film Festival Workshop Read more
  • 27-10-2014
    Food and Nutrition Week Read more
  • 20-10-2014
    KG: Health and Nutrition Week Read more
  • 14-10-2014
    My Best Vacation In India - Contest Read more
  • 09-10-2014
    Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti Read more
  • 09-10-2014
    Weight Loss Challenge Read more
  • 08-10-2014
    Magnificient Wonders of Dubai Read more


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Sharjah International Book Fair.

About Us

JSS MVP is a Socio-Cultural Institution (Trust) that has dedicated itself to the development of culture, literature and education for the prosperity of humanity as a tool for social change. "Education for All" is the central teaching of this trust. In a short span of just six decades and from very humble beginnings, it has grown into a social force that transcends boundaries and cultures.

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