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Principal's Message

Future Ready Now

Future doesn’t belong to those who plan for it, rather to those who get ready for it.


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to JSS PS and another year of its development. The school has flourished from its humble beginnings in 2011 and has completed a decade of excellence. Noe we are looking ahead towards a time which is at the crux of bringing the new horizons, vistas and kaleidoscope of life. This very opportunity thrills us to be part of shaping the future of education in Dubai. As a small yet one of the most futuristic trend setters of school education, we feel privileged to welcome you all to our thriving learning community in this new academic year 2022-23.

JSS PS is now a unique school that offers rigorous and relevant curriculum to the expatriate Indian community. Through the curriculum, students are exposed to an array of interesting topics, challenging assignments, meticulous practice and just pure fun. Trips, dubs, dance, music, drama and group projects are blended into the curriculum, widening the perspective of students to groom leaders for the Information Age, who, while maintaining a perspective of global citizens, will not lose their moorings in their cultural heritage.

We are always conscious and grateful of the faith and trust being put into us by our amazing parent community. This is the core strength of JSSPS as a conscious learning organization which pushes us to constantly redesign the school as necessary to fit the ever evolving needs and aspirations of our students and parents.

The core of the identity of JSS PS is the teacher, the teacher who inspires students to innovate, to think, to learn, to help, to feel and to live. Our dedicated and committed teachers have been enthusiastically preparing for this school year and we all look forward to journeying with you in what will be a very exciting year.

As part of ensuring that we deliver the cutting-edge learning to our students, “Best and Next Practices” are embedded in the JSS PS learning ethos. An example of innovation in teaching-learning is how we are getting ready to take a leap from pedagogy to heutagogy i.e. to self-determined learning. This is part of our visionary leaders’ idea of getting our students “Future Ready Now” by getting them learn to navigate the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world. Our focus this year will be on the holistic Well-Being of all our stakeholders through embedding Satori (JSS PS Well-Being Framework) in JSS PS ethos.

On behalf of School management and the whole JSS PS community, I extend my best wishes to all of you for a wonderful JSS PS experience! Let us reflect on our choices, which will collectively decide what kind of community we create for our present and the future generations. Let’s wish for a future which is safer, happier and sustaining for all of us by getting “Future Ready Now”.


Wishing you an exciting 2022-23.