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JSSPS Enrichments

To help students explore the best versions of their creative selves beyond the school hours, we offer them a plethora of after school clubs to choose from. The list of after school clubs are enlisted below:


1. Adventure club Grades 6-8
2. French club Grades 1-9 & 11
3. Gavel club Grades 5-9 & 11
4. F1 in Schools 7-9 & 11
5. MUN 6-9 & 11
6. Dramatics 1-9 & 11
7. Duke of Edinburgh 9 & 11
8. Robotics 6-9 & 11

School Clubs    After Scool Activities

Internship and mentorship

We facilitate channels to provide internship opportunities for pupils aspiring for great career prospects. They are exposed to innovative and futuristic modes of work and thus prepare our students to frame and choose new prospective career paths.

Mentorship has been undertaken at JSS Private School with the noble aim of aiding our students to better themselves at their academic performance. The program entails providing the child with a teacher mentor. The mentor provides personal support to facilitate success in school and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students' chances for success.