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Inspection Report

The overall quality of education provided by the school is very good. The section below summarizes the inspection findings for students’ outcomes, provision and leadership.

Student outcomes

  • In most curriculum areas, almost all students are meeting the expected curriculum standards, with the large majority exceeding those standards. Challenge in lessons enables the majority of students to make better than expected progress. Students’ outcomes in Primary are below those observed and measured in the other phases.
  • The students are this school's best feature. The student leaders are positive role models for the younger students. Their understanding of Islamic values and how these can be included in their daily lives remain outstanding. They help maintain the inclusive and caring ethos in the school. Student voice is heard.

Provision for learners

  • Teaching for effective learning for the majority of students is very good. The school recognises that teaching in Primary needs further development to reach the same standard. Assessment practices are rigorous and have improved in Primary. Assessment data is collected, analysed and used effectively.
  • Curriculum choice for the older students has improved with additional subjects being offered to secondary students. In Middle and Secondary, the curriculum choices and modifications support student access to suitable future pathways. Provision and support for children entering the school continue to be very good.
  • The support for students in all areas remains strong and has improved in the middle phase. Guidance to support students’ future pathways is using better processes and practices. Health and safety and practices for child protection continue to be very good and are consistent across all phases of the school.

Leadership and management

  • School leadership and governance continue to improve through strong self-evaluation and planning processes. Senior leaders recognise the differences in provision and outcomes between the phases. Parents are knowledgeable about the school and very supportive of it. The governing body includes many stakeholders, including parents and student leaders. The school infrastructure remains a limiting factor.

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