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School Governance

School Governance

The Board of Governance is responsible for making JSS Private School live up to its vision to provide Stimulating World Class Education for Life.

The Board does this by setting the strategic vision for the school and creating school policies to turn that vision into practice.

Board meetings are held throughout the year.

JSSPS believes in :

  • Effective leadership to continually identify and respond to the changing demands across the highly- rising education sector.
  • Provide our children with the best possible education in the fullest sense of the word; academically, culturally and emotionally.
  • Invest effort in celebrating our students' talents and achievements as well as offering them ample opportunity to revel in properly stimulating sporting, artistic and musical experiences.
  • Develop in students admirable qualities of cultural understanding, compassion, empathy and tolerance through their daily life.
  • JSSPS realizes the importance of parent involvement and support, we have a strong Parent Forum association which binds the parents, staff, students and community.

For those of you who are in the process of considering JSSPS as the school of your choice for your children or have already done so, I take this opportunity to communicate that I look forward to working closely with you to prepare your children for a bright and positive future.
CEO – JSS Private School Dubai.