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Senior Secondary (Grade 11 to 12)

The Senior Secondary stage of education decides the course of life of any student. At this stage it becomes extremely important for students to develop the right attitude, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the world around them to be able to take right decisions for their future. The senior secondary curriculum is expected to provide necessary base for the growth of knowledge and skills and thereby enhance a student's potential to face the challenges of global competitiveness. The Senior Secondary Curriculum aims at developing desired professional, managerial and communication skills as per the requirement of the world of work.

Subjects at this stage are Physics Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Business-Studies, Economics, Comp Sci., English, Mathematics The Curriculum has been designed to nurture multiple intelligences like linguistic or verbal intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, sports intelligence, musical intelligence, inter-personal intelligence and intra-personal intelligence.


The Senior School Curriculum caters to the school leaving stage of education. It aims to provide a learner with opportunities to grow and explore various higher education career options available for their self fulfilment and training. The stage enables the transition of students to higher education, professional training and employment. The Senior School Curriculum aims at providing opportunities to students for preparing them for a life after school by using an enquiry-based approach and a constructivist theory of learning. It aims to prepare students for further studies in different areas of future employment across a multitude of professions and in new and emerging areas of knowledge. The learners are encouraged to acquire tools to deal with new technology and to manage and accommodate change and develop moral, ethical and cultural values, thus, preparing them for active participation as citizens of the global world. Our learners are expected to achieve the following curriculum goals:

• To enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential;

• To develop creativity and the ability to appreciate art and showcase one's own talents;

• To promote capabilities related to goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning;

• To nurture assertive communication and interpersonal skills;

• To learn to be empathetic towards others, display dignity and respect to the opposite gender, to contribute for the community, and focus on preserving environment;

• To foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society;

• To strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills;

• To acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind;

• To inspire the attitude of functional and participatory learning;

• To develop abilities related to thinking skills and problem solving.