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Primary Stage (Grade 1 TO 5)

During this stage we emphasis on multiple skill development. Students are encouraged to think out of the box by adopting activity based instructional strategies. Various club activities and Inter house competitions are arranged to develop the spirit of healthy competition among the students.

The primary school life of a student should promote the development of socialization, independence, cooperation and responsibility. It also allows students to develop skills of observation, note taking, and reporting of events and to undertake new physical challenges.  It should be compatible to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life—spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. We believe in enriching the child’s life and the foundations are laid for happiness and fulfillment in later education and in adult life keeping in mind that children live in and are a part of society.  The relationship between education and society is dynamic and interactive. Education not only reflects a society but is an influence in shaping its development. It helps to equip children to share in the benefits of the society in which they live and to contribute effectively to that society’s sustenance and evolution. We take great precision in offering   comprehensive and flexible curriculum that promotes the active involvement of children in a learning process that is imaginative and stimulating. Its overall vision is to enable children to meet, with self-confidence and assurance, the demands of life, both now and future.