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Islamic Initiatives

Education aims at the balanced growth of the total personality of an individual through the training of one’s spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings and bodily senses. Through the teachings of Islam students gain a deeper understanding about the precepts of Islam.

At JSS PS emphasis is given to Islamic education, by providing  appropriate mannerisms and etiquette that will enable students to serve both  themselves  as well as the community.

The school has a well- developed Islamic curriculum for its students, which is supported by an array of co-curricular activities.

Regular viewing of Islamic films for all students , field trips for students to places of historic and cultural  importance, interschool cultural exchange programs  are conducted on a regular basis to customize students to the traditions of Islam.

Students learn to empathize with the needs of the community through out of campus acts of charity, as well as visits to old age homes and hospitals .

Competitions like qi rat, calligraphy, photography, model making are conducted which enhance an appreciation for the values of Islam.

The school mosque for males and prayer room for females encourages the habit of regular prayer.

The school acknowledges and rewards students for their contribution to Islamic culture through the annual Taleem @JSS award.

Students are also recognized on an on- going basis through letters/certificates of appreciation for their dedication and outstanding performance in the field of Islamic studies.

Being a part of the bountiful nation the UAE is a blessing. The place of origin of Islam and Islamic traditions, this nation has to offer many learning experiences to our students.