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Heritage & Culture of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is home to a rich cultural heritage that has been strongly influenced by its unique environment.  The county has undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis in the few short years since the state was established. But there is also an awareness that the history, culture, values and traditions of past generations are the foundations on which the modern state is built.  

At JSS PS proper focus is given to the students to customize themselves with the culture of the UAE. The national anthem is sung at every assembly by the students. All celebrations are commenced by a recitation from the Holy Quran.

The paintings on the walls of the school buildings done by the students are a sincere reflection of the schools dedication to preserve the heritage, in line with the late Sheikh Zayed's belief that 'a people that knows not its past can have neither a present nor a future'.

A common religion, Islam, also provides the cement that holds the  society together. A well balanced Islamic curriculum  is offered to the students. All female Muslim students are taught to cover their head/body as a ritual of Islam. Students are aware of the prayer room  and the prayer timings , they respect the same and are encouraged to utilize this facility.

Language has a large role in day to day life. Arabic is the  official language of the UAE. The school offers  Arabic to the students from as early as KG2 till grade 12. Students are taught to speak, read as well as to write the language by a well- qualified  and dedicated team  of Arabic teachers

Music and dance has always been a part of Emirati culture. As part of the co-curricular curriculum, the schools encourages traditional music and dance. The inclusion of Arabic dance at several functions and the Arabic week celebrations depicts the commitment to foster local culture and tradition.

Other aspects of the UAE’s heritage and culture can be experienced in  celebration like the UAE National Day, Flag Day Celebrations, Arabic choral recitation, handwriting competitions and many others.

Museums and traditional heritage, centres throughout the emirates. Students are regularly taken on field trips to visit centres of cultural importance that deepens their understanding of the culture of this great land.