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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental education attempts to create awareness, transmit information, teach knowledge, develop habits and skills, promote values, provide criteria and standard and present guidelines for problem solving and decision making. It aims at both cognitive and affective behaviour modification.

The students of JSS Private School take active interest in protecting and conserving the environment. The school has a very active environmental group called Earthlings of JSS PS .The students through their dedication and commitment undertake several activities which help to develop the skills and attitudes needed to understand the relationships between human beings, their cultures and the biophysical world.

In order to encourage curiosity, foster awareness  and enable students to make informed decisions, days like Earth day, Environment day, International Day for the Preservation of  Ozone layer are celebrated .

The school works in partnership with several external agencies like Dubai Municipality, Tadweer, EEG, IFAW that host and support environmental activities for the students at different levels.

Students are taught to reuse water from the AC Condensate, this action helps them in understanding the benefits of water recycling and channelizing natural resources in effective ways.

The school supports students in initiatives that encourage them to use organic products and say no to chemical products. Students are encouraged to use recycled materials to create novel ways to cultivate herbs and vegetables.