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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in JSS Group. We are happy that you have taken the first step to become a part of the JSS family. In case you do not find any vacancy at the moment to suit your qualification and experience, do not be worried. Please feel free to drop in your resume. We will get in touch with you when a suitable requirement arises.

To apply for opportunities & become a part of the JSS team

Kindly send your complete CV with passport size photo to careers@jsspsdubai.com

* Growth Prospects 
Why JSSPS...

The JSSMVP believes in providing opportunities for growth. Growth is a sign of progress and reflects our quest in raising the bars of excellence. The JSS group which runs more than 300 educational institutions under the JSS umbrella, spread across different parts of the world, are in an unique position to offer opportunities for lateral growth. Whenever there arises a need in any of our institution, our satff get the privilege of filling that position based on their merit. Even otherwise, JSSMVP believes in grooming internally for higher positions within the institutions. On the whole JSS group will do all possible to create an atmosphere conducive for personal and professional growth. 

* Work Culture

At JSS we strongly believe that it is the organisation's culture and work environment that make our teachers and staff to be productive as well as provide the right guidance to the students. We strongly believe that our work culture should be open and dynamic, friendly and supportive, relaxing and inclusive paving the way for leadership and empowerment. 

* Work Atmosphere

It is our inherent belief that when people work together with a common objective, they will accomplish their goals with greater ease and comfort. We provide a positive work atmosphere that fosters team spirit, sense of achievement and unearth the leadership potential. Our work atmosphere creates mutual trust and self belief.

* Training & Development

Training is an integral part of staff improvement programs at JSS. We undertake regular training and development sessions through a wide range of measures that include workshops, symposiums, guest lectures, tours, association with higher institutes of learning etc., We feel that these steps go a long way in enhancing the calibre of our staff.

Qualities that We are Seeking

While it is quite difficult to narrow down on specific quality attributes, on a general note we are looking for people who have a passion for education. Without passion, it is quite difficult to achieve anything worthwhile no matter how talented an individual is. Some important traits include:

* Empathy
The ability to bond with the students as well as understand their feelings is very important. 

* Creativity
Creativity is very important since it makes a major difference in approach. 

* Positive Mental Attitude
It is this that helps to keep a smile when things get tough. 

* Flexibility
This provides an opportunity to implement new methods, ideas, and approaches. 

* Integrate
Learning should be an integration across disciplines.

* Role model
Students look up to the teachers to chart out their future. 

* Confidence
Only a confident person will be able to impart the right education with authority.

* Patience
Being patient helps the teacher to reach out to the students and mould them even when the situation gets difficult and helps the students to de-stress.